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Lately, facility managers are under a lot of pressure to provide health care facilities with a stable and reliable source of power for a variety of operating conditions. As the days pass by, Great Dane HVAC said systems and process of a hospital are becoming less tolerant to disturbances in power. Image result for Standby Generators For Health FacilitiesWhat may have once been considered just a minor inconvenience, can now result in major losses to a facility and those occupying it.

The problem with this is that no matter what facility managers do, power disturbances will still occur. While some of the disturbances may be attributed to the facility itself, some of them are out of the scope of the facility. This include the likes of voltage sags, voltage spikes, blackouts and brownouts.

There are a number of options that facility managers use to ensure the facility has a reliable source of power. The most common among these options is the use of backup generators. There are some facilities that have loads that cannot tolerate loss of power even for a moment. These are the kinds of facilities that will require a stable and clean source of power like a UPS system.

A natural gas, diesel or propane generator the most used source of alternative power for facilities all over the world. It has an ability to provide power continuously as long as it6 has fuel making it a great option for both short term and long term power disturbances.

These systems are usually designed to provide power automatically in the event of a power interruption. When the facility loses power, the generator starts automatically. Once the generator has come to speed, there is a switch that transfers the load to the generator. Depending on how Image result for Standby Generators For Health Facilitiesbig the generator is, the transfer will take about 30 seconds. After the utility power is restored in the facility, the transfer will be made back from backup power to utility power.

Generators are very reliable when it comes to maintaining power in a facility. However, this does not mean that they are maintenance free. If the systems are to keep performing as expected without any fallbacks, then they have to be checked regularly for any faults and fixed if there are any. The generator batteries that are used to start the generator should be checked on a monthly basis. In addition to this, the fuel supply should be checked each time the generator is run.

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