Kenneth Harvey/ February 9, 2016/ energy

When you run a business, you want everything to run as smoothly as it can. You don’t want things to cost you more money and you definitely don’t want to spend more money than you need to. When it comes to the temperature and quality of the air inside your building, there are some ways to keep the temperature stable that will save you time and money. Spotless Cleaning Chicago says buildings do really need ventilation that consumes a lot of energy, one way that you can maintain a low ventilation cost is to keep your building clean and neat.

In the winter, the heating bills are going to be more because it takes a lot of gas to heat up a building and maintain it at a comfortable temperature. Your commercial heating rates are higher and the building has to be kept at a fairly high temperature to ensure that everyone is going to be comfortable.

Once the building is up to temperature you want to maintain the heat at a steady level. It costs you much more to lower the heat and then heat the entire building up again than it does to keep it stable once the desired temperature has been achieved. While you think it would make more sense to lower the thermostat at night, it will take longer to heat back up in the morning and use more gas.

A similar principal will take place in the summer. As the temperatures outside become intolerably hot, the air conditioning system will be used to keep the air temperature inside the building at a comfortable level. This will also use a huge amount of electricity and the electricity bills will be much higher during the summer months.

You can save energy by keeping the building at a stable temperature and not constantly adjusting the temperature down or up. Each time you make a temperature change down, much more electricity is going to be used which translates into higher bills. You want to keep things steady and even.
Wasting energy isn’t good for the pocketbook of the company and it isn’t good for the environment either.

The building manager should always ensure that the heating and cooling systems are maintained and that the system is serviced once a year. The filters must be changed on a regular basis to maintain the air quality indoors. If the filters are allowed to get dirty, the heating and cooling system will use more energy and there will be dust and other contaminants in the air which can cause breathing problems.

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