Kenneth Harvey/ June 9, 2019/ Business, Legal

Many business owners do not realize that liquor licensing is the key to virtually printing out an unlimited amount of money. For those business owners who own a restaurant, it opens up the door to serve your customers spirits, wine, and beer but if your business is located in Texas, better know Texas liquor laws.

Every restaurant owner knows just how difficult it is to operate a profitable venue in this economy. It simply is not feasible to force your customer to eat what you want them to in order to pay the bills. It Image result for having a liquor licenseis essential to find ways in which you can diversify your income outside of just the traditional food and beverage orders. By doing so, you are ensuring that your business will have a long life in the fickle restaurant world. By adding liquor to the menu, it allows a much higher menu spend per table. Imagine every person adding a glass of wine or for that matter every table adding a bottle of wine to their order, that accounts for a significant increase in revenue. One must understand though, that not everyone who walks into the restaurant is going to be a wine drinker. With this in mind, it is important to add a variety for individuals. This is going to allow people to spend more money and has a much more enjoyable time in the restaurant. In addition, having hard liquor available is going to allow for higher profit margins.

Another aspect of having a liquor license is the new customers your restaurant will attract. Typically, those who tend to enjoy cocktails, wine and beer with their dinner are more likely to spend more per meal and it is great to bring those customers into the restaurant. In addition, one must also consider the impact of after work drinks, it is quite possible to bring in who offices for a quick relaxing drink. And in many cases, most of those individuals will end up staying for dinner. Those coming in from work will usually have more of a disposable income and will not think twice about purchasing several drinks. These are the people who are searching for a new place to hangout and socialize. In many cases, by filling this need, you may be opening your doors to ongoing customers who will visit your place nightly for years at a time!

As you can see, liquor licensing is truly the way to get your business off the ground and start making a significant income!

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