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Green remodeling alternatives are becoming more and more popular among homeowners, motels, and hotels, and there’s no better green remodeling alternative than bathtub refinishing. It’s the remodeling alternative of choice because of how much money itImage result for apply a special protective coating for your bathtub can save as per a bathtub refinishing new jersey company. Sure, it may seem costly up front. A new bathtub may be found as cheaply as only $300, but after you pay for all the contracting labor, the price goes up fairly high. It may benefit the environment, but it wouldn’t seem to benefit your pocketbook.

That’s not even mentioning the installation of parts, tile work, flooring, permits, and all the other bits and pieces you’ll have to pay for. That said, if you only replace the bathtub, you can knock that price down significantly. What many people don’t realize is how easy it is to simply replace the bathtub and nothing else. This is why bathtub refinishing can be so inexpensive. It’s one of the few remodeling jobs that can be done by itself. You have only one contractor, who does one job. Compare that to getting the entire floor redone. You’d also have to deal with electrical work and possibly plumbing.

When you only have to deal with one contractor, it becomes that much easier to schedule work. A new bathtub is also able to have a positive environmental impact. When you rip out less of the bathroom, less junk and unusable construction material goes to the landfills.

The basic benefits of bathtub refinishing are the following:

An up to 80% savings on the cost of a full bathroom remodeling job.

Time savings, given how much more quickly a single bathtub refinish can be done compared to other remodeling jobs.

Variety of options.

Less impact on the environment.

As you might suspect, bathtub refinishing is done in the bathroom. The tub is always cleaned and primed once it’s inside the bathroom, but before its installed. This also allows them to apply a special protective coating. Things are taken apart and set in as quickly and simply as possible. There’s no need to tear up parts of the bathroom, things can slide in and out easily.

Image result for apply a special protective coating for your bathtubSince an estimated 47% of all landfill waste is from home remodeling jobs, the lack of rubbish is significant! Things such as sinks, bathtubs, and other furniture is replaced on a somewhat regular basis (even if that means once every fifteen years), and so they wind up in landfills.

Not to mention, when you’re installing multiple fixtures, you have to consider the impact of manufacturing new fixtures. The materials have to be transported, manufactured, and that’s extra impact on everything! Since it takes all that energy to manufacture, the more fixtures you replace then the bigger your impact.

This is true of any type of furniture you care to name. Cabinets, for example, start with cutting down trees. Those trees are vital for continuing to survive. Without trees, we don’t have oxygen. We get thicker air, as less carbon dioxide is processed. That’s not even to mention the removal of natural habitats of thousands of creatures. Many of those plants that could have genuine medicinal purposes! As if that’s not enough, older trees rather than younger trees tend to be used for furniture. This means we’re losing all the old growth, which is where most of the work gets done.

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