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Lawn sprinklers are a brilliant labor saving invention, but they are not without problems. Clogged pipes, broken heads and heads that fail to rise can often cause issues for sprinkler owners. The good news is that a lot of lawn sprinkler system repairs can be done DIY-style, saving you time and money compared to sitting on hold with the maker, or calling around for a local lawn sprinkler system repair company.

The most common issue with sprinklers is that the heads stop popping up properly. Usually, this is Image result for lawn sprinkler repairssimply an issue of the cap being clogged with dirt, and you can fix this quite easily. Push down the pop-up riser on the sprinkler head using your foot. You will need to do this firmly, but carefully. Wear old trainers while doing this, because water will spurt out each time, so you might get a little wet. Release the pressure, and let the head pop up. Do this five times, and you should hav successfully gotten rid of any sand or soil that is caught in the riser.

You may want to take this chance to flush out the rest of the system. Remove the screens on the nozzles, and allow the sprinklers to run for a short time. Check each nozzle to make sure that the water is running clear. Once the system is clear, you can be confident it has been flushed of dirt.

If any of the heads are not running at all, this means they are broken. Replacing the head is simply a matter of cutting the pipe near the head, and putting a new head on the pipe. This is a quick and easy job.

There are some sprinkler repairs that are more complex, and that should only be attempted by professionals. If you’re not sure what’s wrong, or you’re not confident in your ability to do a repair yourself, then be sure to call a professional sprinkler repair and installation service. Yes, the repair will cost money, but it is a lot less expensive to pay for the experts to do it for you now, compared to having them come out for a much bigger repair because you have managed to damage the whole system by accident. When things go wrong with plumbing jobs, the damage can be quite extensive, so it makes sense to get it done right the firs

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